Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Webinar and Students’ Questions

Students have sent me a lot of questions about the webinar, “The Art of the Endgame”, which will take place this Sunday (27 July). Hence, I’ll answer them all right here.
1.     What’s the point of the webinar? How does it differ from a video lesson?
During a webinar, you have communication with a coach in live mode. I’m telling you the tasks, while you can ask your questions. This is real TRAINING, which develops your SKILLS. Hence, you’ll be able to improve your chess strength properly during the webinar.
A video lesson or a text article provides some information to you. Any chess player can find tons of information about a chess game on the Internet. So what? Has this overabundance of content made you a strong player? Probably not.
Information does not affect your play. Only a new SKILL can do so.
2.     Will you provide a recording of this webinar later on?
Yes, but it will be provided ONLY to the participants in the webinar.
At the same time, of course, it’s a lot more useful to take part in a webinar, rather than to watch its recording later on. Again, you should get the full benefit from the TRAINING that will improve your SKILLS.
3.   I don’t have any specific questions or problems for the endgame. Should I still participate?
The participants in the webinar have a unique chance to submit their games. I’ll analyse them and will help the participants to improve.
However, it’s OPTIONAL to provide your games. If you have no specific questions, you may still take part in the webinar. You’ll improve your endgame skills as well as your overall chess understanding (because the endgame is pure strategy).
4.     Why is the webinar paid?
1)    Firstly, let’s be realistic. Do you really believe that a certain GrandMaster would spend his time and effort to share his secrets with potential competitors? :)
In 99% of the lessons out there, the authors tell you WHAT moves were played together with the eventual sidelines. So what? This does not clarify their real secrets: exactly how they find such moves while playing a game.
Imagine that somebody shows you how a car moves but does not teach you HOW to drive a car (how you can do so yourself). :) This is an analogy to what you get in most of the free lessons on the Internet.
2)    Secondly, in the case of free lessons, nobody has a real motivation for them. A student knows that this is just “another free lesson from the Internet”. An author does not feel any responsibility, because this is his free lesson (his gift). Obviously, under such poor circumstances, the results will be poor as well.
Based on my many years’ experience (both as a student and as a coach), I know that paid lessons are MUCH more effective.
In the first (free) webinar I held, there were around 200 participants. That’s a lot of people and I could not allocate my attention to everyone’s personal needs. This time, I’ve set a relatively large entry fee. Hence, there will be a small group of students and I’ll be able to provide my full support to everyone.
5.     How will the webinar’s information differ from the course “An Endgame Expert”?
If you have studied the course “An Endgame Expert” – good for you! You are already way beyond most other players of your level. Now it’s time to go forward and achieve greater goals!
The webinar will be based on the STUDENTS’ needs and questions. I’ll analyse your games and will show you what’s wrong and how to get better. That’s quite a unique chance for you!
The webinar, “The Art of the Endgame”, will take place on Sunday 27 July at 5p.m. BST (that is London time – you can check it here: LINK)

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