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“Do you want to reach the HIGHEST chess goals?”

“Do you want to become not just a strong player,
but an EXTREMELY strong one?”

“Then use “Your Winning Plan” –
the most direct way for a chess success!”

What is the main factor of success in chess?
Chess is inherently a strategic game. That’s why strategic skills are the most important thing in chess. They allow you to understand what you should do in any position. Chess players usually call it “a chess understanding”.
In fact it is not so difficult to study some opening lines or theoretical endgame positions. Players experience biggest problems in complex middlegame positions, when they are not sure what to do.
Please, remember the strong chess players you know. How do they win against weaker players? They create complex strategic positions and gradually overplay an opponent. They use their better chess understanding.
So what is the problem?
Everyone heard about “a chess understanding”. So why didn’t everyone study it? There are 2 main reasons:
1) Most players don’t know what “a chess understanding” actually is.
A chess understanding mainly implies your planning skills. If you understand a position, it means that you know what to do here. Thus it means that you can find the right plan.
2) There are no educational materials about it.
It is the hardest topic really. It is very difficult to systematize knowledge about a middlegame planning and to integrate them in a clear practical system.
That’s why 99% of authors even don’t try to do it.How many chess books do you know, which offer an integrate system of a middlegame play?
Ok, Nimczowitsch’s “My system” is pertinent. Is there anything else? Well, there are a few other similar books, but anyway it is a very short list.
Nimczowitsch did a great work certainly. However his system is not full and quite difficult for a practical usage (even Nimczowitsch had some problems with that Laughing). Also a lot of time has gone since that time. Modern chess has developed a lot.
That’s why I decided to create the course
“Your Winning Plan”.
It took a long time and a lot of efforts to create such product. With pride I present you the final result.
The course “Your Winning Plan” gives you an integrate system of a middlegame planningUsing this unique method you will be able to find the right plan in any position.
This will give you a deep chess understanding and will make you not just a strong player, but an extremely strong one!
Chess course “Your Winning Plan”
contains the video lessons.
Introduction: “Important Generalities”.
This lesson will give you the essential information about a planning. After a study of this lesson you will know:
Why different strategic books don’t work in a practical game play.
Important generalities about a chess strategy.
Why is planning so important and what most players don’t understand.
What is the main difference between a strong player and a not so good one?
What strong players use to beat others?
What exactly is “a chess understanding” and how to develop it?
How to predict a game continuation for many moves ahead?
Lesson-1: “The Best Time for a Planning”.
In chess books you have probably seen the recommendation “to compose a plan in critical positions”. However they don’t say how to detect those critical positions. That’s why this trite rule is useless.
I will be telling you how Grandmasters really think in a practical game.
You will know the specific tips, which you will be able to apply right after a study of this lesson.
When should you compose a plan?
What should you do, when you don’t know how to play?
Typical mistakes of 95% of chess players.
How to simplify your thinking process and to make it more effective at the same time.
How Grandmasters find right moves so quickly?
4 type of situations when you should compose a plan.
What is a guideline in a planning?
Lesson-2: “How to Compose a Winning Plan”.
In this lesson I will tell you what exactly you should do and exactly how you should think to create the right plan.
The universal scheme, which allows finding the best plan in ANY position.
Which plan is the best in most positions?
The most important strategic rules regarding to the planning.
3 types of situations when you should attack on a side.
How to detect whether you should worry about an opponent’s plan or not?
Why the aggressive attacker players lose regularly? How to avoid their most typical mistake?
How exactly the center bears influence on a planning?
Lessons 3-7. Specific plans for different center types.
Everyone knows about a center and different center types. However, most players don’t know how to use such knowledge in a practical game.
In the lessons 3-7 we will analyze how the universal scheme of a planning (presented in the previous lessons) works in different typical positions.
Thus you will get the unique collection of the ready-made plans. In 95% of situations it will be enough for you to simply use one of1 these plans to win a game!
You will study the important specific rules for positions with different center types:
How to choose the right plan in any situation?
When to move pawns and when to avoid pawn moves?
How to make your plan really effective?
The best way to exploit the opponent’s weaknesses.
When it is possible to use a passive defense and when you have to create a counterattack?
What is wrong in Nimzowitsch’s “My system”?
The typical mistake in defense.
The common delusion about a planning.
When you should play vigorously and when you should not hurry up?
The practical advices to make your opponent’s life really hard!
And many more useful tips…
Lesson-8: “Two Universal Keys”
In this lesson I will give you 2 universal keys, which are applicable for any position. They will help you not just to create a plan, but to create the most effective plan.
Often it is enough to only use one of these keys to win a game without any problems.
Also we will continue training the universal scheme of a plan composition. You will see how it is possible to systematize separate positional rules to remember and to use all of them easily in a practical game.
This will help you to use your previous knowledge (from your past trainings) most effectively and to get practical effect from them.
Lesson-9: “How to Realize Your Winning Plan”.
In the previous lessons we have studied how to find the right plan. In this lesson you will learn how to realize that plan correctly. So you will master these things:
How Grandmasters always keep their pieces on the best squares?
How to organize your thinking process to get the best effect?
3 stages of planning, which you should perform to win a game.
I will show you in a real time mode how Grandmasters composes plans. You will see that it is not so hard actually (if you know the right way).
How to figure out the best way for the realization of your plan?
Lesson-10: “Grandmasters’ Secrets of Planning”.
Previous lessons were aimed for making you a strong player.This lesson will help you to become an EXTREMELY strong player!These advices are your guide “how to be on the TOP”.
This is probably the most powerful part of the course. I have never shared these secrets with a huge public and I doubt if any other GM ever decide to do it.
Why Grandmasters realize their plans more successfully than others?
How Grandmasters deals with hard situations?
Why Grandmasters win the games even after making mistakes?
We will compare (in a real time mode) the usual way of thinking (character for most players) and THE BEST way.
How to bend an opponent to your will?
Which plans have more chances to be realized?
Why players often fail in a realization of their plans?
How to get a really deep understanding of a position?
How it is possible to get the full control over the situation? This secret allows Grandmasters to get good results ALWAYS (while others suffer from instability).
What Grandmasters do, when they can’t find the right plan? (4 concrete ways)
How you can solve the problem of a defense very easily.
When experienced players offer a draw?
What Grandmasters do to win an equal position?
The recommendations for your further improvement.
And much more…
Chess course “Your Winning Plan”
contains the practical part.
I strongly believe that knowledge that you can’t apply practically are not just useless but actually harmful. Unfortunately this problem is typical for many chess books.
In the course “Your Winning Plan” you will find only the practical recommendations. You will also know what and exactly how you should do to use these principles in your tournament games.
The practical part of the course will help you to practice the course’s ideas and to get approptiate practical skills. Thusyou will improve your chess skills and will start winning more games right after a study of the course.
The practical part of the course contains:
106 special tasks and games for your training.
We will start from quite easy situations and then go to examples on the top Grandmasters’ level! After that you will be able to find your winning plan in any position.
The detailed instructions about what and how exactly you should train.
It will help you to train yourself properly and to get the best effect from the program.
The Grandmasters’ thinking process (planning) in a real-time mode.
So you will be able to copy the Grandmasters’ thinking process and to get similar practical results!
  1. “My thanks to the brilliant author and great teacher! I am delighted with your’s lessons.”

    Pawel Panas, Poland:

    First of all this course is really excellent.

    I know from my practice that detecting weaknesses in my opponent’s position is relatively easy compared to finding the right way to attack them.

    But Grandmaster Igor Smirnov shows exactly how to proceed in concrete situations on the board. Based on the concept of different types of centers he teaches us where to attack and how (you know: you need to attack to win 
    and I find his instruction to be the best that I’ve seen.

    His lecture is clear, precise and very well structured.

    And perhaps most importantly: chess course “Your Winning Plan” it is complete and easy system of thinking that can be practiced with practical part.

    I think it’s great material for many hours of further training.

    I read once that ‘a good plan helps my pieces, a better plan helps my pieces and at the same time hinders the opponent’s pieces but the best plan of all meets the needs of the position’.

    GM Smirnov shows what it means “the needs of the position” and does it very well.

    My thanks to the brilliant author and great teacher! I am delighted with your’s lessons.
  2. “Igor has studied pshycology and he knows a very efective way to make you learn.”

    Kesaris Aggelos (Greece):

    I have read for a long time chess books, I have listen the most of chessbase dvds but I don’t feel that I am realy improving. I continue to make this useless study until I find Igor Smirnov!

    I learnt from him that it is usesless to lear all this theory and so many imformation about chess.

    But next come the question: What i can do to improve in chess? What is that importand things that I can study? Where I can find them? Of corce they are not in books that we already read…

    Igor’s dvds is a good way to learn. The most importand thing is that Igor has studied pshycology and he knows a very efective way to make you learn. I still remember the red screan “TO TAKE IS A MISTAKE” and I still remember it every time that I want to exchnange a piece.

    With Honore
    Kesaris Aggelos.
  3. “It has a great effect on my game. I play stronger and better chess than before.”

    Erik Bandsma (Netherlands):

    Hello Mister Smirnov,

    I bought all your courses in a small period of time. I liked it. No surprise there.

    It has a great effect on my game. I play stronger and better chess than before.
    You really seem to know what’s important and what’s not.

    You have the ability and the knowledge to teach good chess. Loving every bit of it!

    My regards,
    Erik Bandsma
  4. ”In this course you get clear practical recommendations to help channel your thoughts in each position.”

    Werner Poets (Belgium):

    The course ”YOUR WINNING PLAN” GM Smirnov has delivered again a product of high quality.

    The videos give you a clear visual explanation is supported by key phrases and diagrams and of course discussed the key concepts illustrated by reference to relevant games fragments. Also there is an full transcript of the lessons so you can easily make a summery adapted to your needs.

    In the course ”YOUR WINNING PLAN” is not a concatenation of vague generalities or in-depth analysis of positions with endless variations as in many books.

    In this course you get clear practical recommendations to help channel your thoughts in each position. It is a systematical approach that guides your thinking process. There is not only attention for pure technical aspects but also for psychological skills. For practice these planning skills there a lot of relevant and varied tasks.

    Before I had studied the course ”YOUR WINNING PLAN” I was not sure in complicated positions when and where I would advance my pawns. Now I know exactly what to do. The 18th century chess master Philidor once say “The pawns are the soul of chess”.

    Thanks the concrete recommendations of the course ”YOUR WINNING PLAN” I can give my pawns a soul in my games.

    The courses of GM Smirnov are of a high level. Yet your skill level must not very high at this time to understand all because ever thing is very clearly explained. So you need not fear that some things you can not follow because things are not explained because they are “trivial”. So do not be intimidated by the fact that Igor Smirnov is a grandmaster. Besides a good chess player, Igor Smirnov also a very good teacher.

    With the fourth course ”YOUR WINNING PLAN” the Remote Chess Academy of GM Smirnov is getting shape.
  5. “I find your courses the most illuminating!”

    Vladimir Dragovic (Serbia):

    I find your courses the most illuminating.

    i took GM secrets first, and when i saw how you speak about simplicity of the chess without excluding beutyfull complexity of the game, but somehow enchancig it with clarity, i was astound. it was as if i can finnaly see clearly.

    so i purchased all of your courses and i began studying. i go slowly and steadily.

    I played with few people and most of them where outplayed. i will go to some chess club very soon, i am eager to atend some tournament or some chalinging play…

    best regards,

    p.s.:please keep the good work you are doing, i think that the way you are teachig chess is making the big difference in perceiving the game which is the basics for even deeper understanding and chess playing
  6. “Your Winning Plan will be a game-changing course for you!”

    Jassen Esguerra (Philippines):

    With other chess strategy books, you get tons of rules and methods for evaluating and planning in a position. I’m pretty sure the authors have good intentions behind it, BUT it’s counterproductive!

    With today’s faster time controls, having 20-30 guidelines to follow and keep in mind is NOT practical. True, you may come up with the right plan…BUT only after you realized that you are severely behind in time.

    Maybe such methods of planning work on post-mortem analysis?

    Anyway, I don’t plan to be an expert on post-mortem analysis…I want something that will guide me to the right plan without eating up my time. And this is where Your Winning Plan excels!

    It gives you easy to remember guidelines for planning. Each phase is taken apart in a chapter – Igor takes the time explaining what to look for and why…in a way that’s NOT overwhelming for the student.

    At the end of every chapter, Igor gives a summary that the reader can print out and review before a tournament game. (That’s exactly what I did)

    Do you know when to plan? Do you know what exactly you should plan about? What EXACTLY is the aim of planning? And more importantly, how can you compose a plan efficiently and correctly?

    If you are struggling in finding the answers to these questions, Your Winning Plan will be a game-changing course for you!
  7. “The more I study your Course, and the more I realize that your work is very very good and unique.”

    Giulio Cremonese (Italy):


    First, the more I study your Course, and the more I realize that your work is very very good and unique. There are several reasons that confirm it:

    1) Speaking with other players (including expert), nobody has a so clear vision of how to think before a move. They have some good ideas and some not so good.

    2) Searching for educational material: there are a lot of stuff, but I never see anything that clearly explains how to think.

    3) Your work is easy to understand and easy to memorize. Usually in other stuff I found a lot of strategic concepts. All of them are right, but they are too much to remember and TO APPLY during the game!

    4) The focus is on improve our skills and not on memorizing thousands of tactical position. The study on chess demonstrated the reason of difference of strength between a GM and a amateur. The GM thinks less but better! So the amateur must improve his method of thinking move by move, and with your course we do that hundreds of times! That literarly “changes” our mind move by move.

    5) I feel that every time I play a new game I am more confident in the mental process and I get better moves.

    That is a subjective sensation, that’s right, but I never got a similar sensation.

    Best regards.
    Giulio Cremonese

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