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Dear Mr.Smirnov, Thank you very much for sending Chess Lessons via E-mail.I find all these lessons are very effective and in the meantime my chess skill has been improved moderately.Now a days, I am winning more games than before.Opening the computer ,I check my INBOX LIST first (everyday) to have your lessons .I would like to have your lessons, on matter , on whatever topics you prepare these (Lessons).Because,your teaching methodology,insight about the topics are really unique,in a word "OUTSTANDING".I get a CRYSTAL CLEAR perception from the very beginning to the end of your messages which really inspire me to follow all your directions instinctively.I would like to appreciate such a great Endeavour of yours to help thousands of chess lovers all over the world - free of cost - and with absolute care and integrity.I wish you and your family all the best.

Best regards
Shawkat Anwar
Coordinator MIS DEPT
Doel Group of Industries Ltd.


Hello SIR,
Thank you very much. I am studying the course 'GM's Secrets'. It is very fine course. I like your teaching method. I am very impressed. I will like to meet you in future.I have collected some chess books, almost all games of famous chess players( available on internet) and four chess programs !!! ( before purchasing your course).But, your course is ' THE BEST '

Your student,
Prakash Shinde, M.Sc.B.Ed.(Master of Science & Bachelor of Education)


Hello Mr. Smirnov (or Igor, if you prefer),As you already know I have taken your 3 courses. Although I study and play chess for many years, I have found in the courses some guidelines that I had never met before and made much sense to me. It filled some holes in my knowledge. I had beaten from time to time some rather strong GMs (maybe not so strong today but anyway) like Novikov I, Kotronias, Velimirovic, had some 1st places in tournaments, but in general my results suffered from a lack of consistency and I haven't even make it to become an IM. My results against weaker players were sometimes not as I would expect. I had never a coach, all my results have been by personal work. This work has been random and probably have spent many hours on useless knowledge. The guidelines of your courses hopefully will bring some fruits.



Hi IgorThanks for the reply.I have got the third part of your course the grandmaster secrets and i am impressed.I am putting everything aside DVDs books etc and I am going to concentrate on this.



Hi Igor,
I would be surprised if the investment in advertising would not pay off. I really hope that the sale of your courses is a commercial success. The value of your courses will (maybe slowly but surely) penetrate the (internet) chess community.I'm really impressed with the quality of your courses. I suspect it is a consequence of a combination of several factors.You know how to use the opportunities that modern technology offers. The few chess books I have are very dry and I find a heavy a task to read them. In your lessons there is also a lot of information, so I have to concentrate, but there is so much useful that it brings energy and enthusiasm.

You have a lot of experience obtained on the (relatively short) road to achieve the title of grand master. A plus will be also the tradition that Ukraine has in coaching chess talent. Obviously you also have the mindset to reflect on the topic of chess progression as a player and as coach and you have the ability to convert this into practical recommendations. But perhaps the most important is that most of the authors do not show the back of their tongue (this is a translation of a Dutch expression for pointing out that they do not all share what they could share with their audience).

Kind regards,


I just want to let you know that I went to a park to play chess today, and over five hours I won 66% of my games using your thought process and opening rep. Never have I bought chess software or dvd's or books that have been even a quarter as to the point and helpful as yours. Thank you for helping me be a chess monster, even though I still have a long way to go!

Peter Augros


Hello!!GM Igor Smirnov,Thanks!! I've bought all your courses. Have a good work in the next, that you told me!!!!!!

My best regards from BRAZIL!!!
Marcos Maracaj√° Castro


GM Smirnov,Your articles are excellent, I really learn from them and also enjoy them very much. I have been absent from competitive chess for about twenty years due to work, life etc. I am looking forward to playing in tournaments again.

Juan Mendoza


Dear Grandmaster Smirnov
I feel compelled to write this email and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the three videos that you sent to me. Everything comes just at the right time and I am ready to grow with the information that you are giving to me. I particulary enjoyed the lesson the most common mistakes chess players make. To take is a mistake. 
I have been making that mistake now for 28 years of playing chess! I learned the game way back in 1982.You are truly a gifted teacher and know how to help a chess player. I would like to buy some of your materials but money is tight at the moment but I will make a plan sooner than later. I know I will benefit from your help.Everything of the best.

Yours sincerely
Loyd Wellen


Hello mr. Smirnov. After only just reading your courses (I had no time to look at the drills) I participated in 2 tournaments and had an increase in Elo of about 35 points! One of these tournaments was the Open Greek Championship which I won with 7/9 (in the island of Ikaria), that finished 2 days ago. I had done some other work the last months but 2-3 data from the courses helped me to win some crucial games! So I strongly recommend them to any player who wants to play better games, have a better understanding of chess and get better results, Elo points and prizes!Thanks a lot for your work!

Kostas Nikolaidis


Hello Igor, I've seen your free video lessons, and they are just fantastic so Im considering to buy either the course "GM's secrets" or "How to beat titled members"I purchased two lesson GM's secrets and opening course. Its lesson is amazing. It inspire me a lot. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.On of your Korean fan.

Hyungwoo OH


Hi! I bought your chess courses,.The lessons are very good,, very helpful. Now I m studying them, working with the practical part, and trying to guess the moves of other games too, of different chess periods, old and new games, , and it simply works! Maybe another time I will write you about this,, the ideas of your courses fits perfectly, and each game could be an interesting example.I want to thank and congratulate you for your work, now I think Im in the right path!

(excuse my poor english!)


Hi, GM Smirnov,

First, I will buy your new course when I'll digest GM Secrets (I am at task2).Second (may be I just told you, I don't remember) I'm recommending your courses to ALL my friends (first, my team companions in the 3 teams I played in Team League 45).Third (and most important): Before the matches of Round 1 of Team League 45(a slow time on line team tourney, that may be you known) I try to apply your advice about PREPARE the match.In the previous tourney I underestimated this aspect. I thought: I'm not a professional player. 

Kasparov can have an advantage to study the opponents opening lines, because his opponent makes perfect moves in the beginning of the match. The lower rated player makes a lot of mistakes and studying openings can't help so much!But I bought GM Secrets, I payed 40 euro, and I decided: I USE IT,regardless my previous opinions! Even if the change is not always a improvement, to improve I must change!I prepared against my opponent and I set a combination at move 10 that gain the match. He wasn't Kasparov, obviously, but I dominated the game from beginning, gaining a super winning endgame, where I can win despite my usual lack of time. (Next week I will study lesson about time managing, eh eh).

And I REALIZED the following truth:The lower rating player makes moves not so good even from move 2 or 3 (They are low rating player because they make weak moves!)This is the reason why it is FUNDAMENTAL TO PREPARE opening against a lower rating player.In fact, if I can set the first 7 moves from opening book, I am almost SURE to get a strategic advantage and (if I can set other 2-3 good moves picking them from Principles) to set a winning tactical shot very early.And it is not so hard to study opening lines of a Low rating player since he usually has only ONE opening with WHITE and ONE with BLACK!I add also that low rating player (like me, eh eh) usually has an endgame not so good, and in this way getting endgame with a material advantage means the victory at 85%, even if in the endgame happens to mistake.

One can say that in middlegame I can mistake too, so the work about opening was useless. I think that it is better to get middlegame with a superior position (or an equal one) instead of making a mistake early in the opening!It seems obvious but doing it makes the difference.At the end I will thank you because I'm realizing that with your advices I'm getting the step by step improvement that I never reach in last 3 years when I have been working a lot, studying hundreds (thousands!) of tactical puzzles, reading books, working on endgames.

Ciao from Italy!


hello GM I want to express my appreciation for the transmission of knowledge I have literally devoured each of his words and recommendations and now I understand how you must perform my game. I am eager to finish and to buy the next book that you recommend me again recommended me a thousand and a thousand thanks for your contribution

atte mario almeida


Hi good day GM.Smirnov
thanks for taking time to share your knowledge about chess and it's a big help for me and promise to treasure it.Again thank you very much and a pleasant good day to you.



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