Thursday, 4 December 2014

Anand VS Carlsen 2014 - Highlights

NOW is the FINAL reminder for you to sign up for the upcoming webinar,“My Thinking System”which will be conducted by ME on Saturday 6 December at 3 P.M. GMT (check timings here: LINK). Join now: Standard or Premium
RCA’s Special Offers in honour of reaching 1 MILLION views on YouTube have finished!
Celebration offer
Thanks everyone for your support! Most importantly, let me congratulate all theWINNERS:)
Below is the list of students who got a free course from RCA:
  • 1. Vikas, India
  • 2. Lim, Singapore
  • 3. Mahen, Pakistan
  • 4. Francesco, italy
  • 5. Jose, Brazil
  • 6. Rosauro Gordon, Philippines
  • 7. Antonio, Italy
  • 8. Gerardo, Argentina
  • 9. Leonardo, USA
  • 10. Per Ivar, Norway
For privacy purposes, we state only the first name of the winners on the website. All winners were contacted. In addition to that, other students have got a free webinar!
Congratulations to all WINNERS! I’m sure you’ll enjoy your prize! :)
For those who missed this event, please don’t be upset. You can take part in our future events, including the “Christmas Day Bonanza” (LINK). :)
We’ve also prepared a video for you explaining the event. Check it now here: LINK
NOTE: The last date for entry for the “Christmas Day Bonanza” is 10.12.2014, so you have a period of less than a week. If you really want to win BIG PRIZES, you need to start collecting the games and annotating them at your very BEST LEVEL! For details about the event, click here: LINK. Good luck! :)
We all witnessed a great World Chess Championship match this year. It was truly atough competition for the players and Carlsen has justified the odds.
Therefore, your ‘favorite’ guest coach of RCA, IM Valeri Lilov, has prepared avideo for YOU, where he explains the highlights and the critical and instructive situations of the recent World Championship match.
Watch the video now.

Finally, let me remind you that we’re conducting a survey as we’re planning to provide RCA branded products for you. For instance, a T-shirt that has the RCA logo on it can be added to our shop.
But not only that, we’re planning to provide many products for you. And that’s why, you need to let us know what you want by taking part in the survey: LINK
You might get a T-shirt like this one in the future. :)
RCA t-shirt
P.S. I have an idea to visit Austria in the coming months. If you live in this country – please, send me an e-mail to We might get a chance to meet personally :)

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