Friday, 27 December 2013

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Hello guys,

CELEBRATE the holidays and new year with HUGE OFFERS and BONUSES! 

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

There are thousands of standard greeting cards, but I thought it would be nice to have one especially for chess players. :)
P.S. If you have chess-playing friends, you may download this greeting card here –LINK – and send it to your friends.
Let me thank everyone who has sent me their holiday greetings! It’s a pleasure for me to have such great students! :)
Here’s one of the greeting cards you sent to me:
Even if it’s not the most professional design we’ve ever seen, I appreciate your creativity and desire to pass your greetings to me. Thank you!
I have other good news for you as well!
Over the last two months I’ve been preparing the answers to students’ questions about the openings. Those who studied the courses “The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory 1 & 2″ sent me messages with their questions and opening troubles.
I’m glad to let you know that all your opening questions have been answered!The “BONUS Pack” with my answers is now available for everyone.
GOL2_bonus pack
This “Bonus Pack” will clarify your opening questions and will help you get the GREATEST benefit from the opening courses.
Since there are Holiday Discounts in operation now, until 31 December you can get this “Bonus Pack” with 20% discount.
Please indicate your discount coupon code HOLIDAY while placing the order and it will cut 20% off the price.
Note: You should NOT buy the Bonus Pack if you have not studied the main opening courses yet.
At the same time, if that’s the case with you, you can purchase the main opening courses and the bonus pack. You’ll get 20% discount on every purchase, which will give you a HUGE discount in total.
  • “The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory”: LINK
  • “The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory – 2″: LINK
  • Bonus Pack: LINK
Let me wish,once again,a very happy Holiday Season to you and yours! May victory be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year round!
P.S. If you plan to obtain my chess courses, please do not miss the deadline. The Special Offers will expire in several days, on 31 December.
You can read the details here: LINK

Smirnov’s Holiday Offer


Wanna see what GM Igor Smirnov says for this Christmas? Here you go....


Season’s Greetings to You!

Let me wish you a wonderful Holiday Season!

The end of a year is a pleasant time, when we can pass our best greetings to relatives and friends. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all the best to you and your family!
Have wonderfulhappyhealthy days in these last weeks of December and during all the period ahead!
Dream BIG, be PERSISTENT and have FUN along the way :) Then everything will be great for sure!
CHRISTMAS & the NEW YEAR period is a common time for “PRESENTS” and “SPECIAL OFFERS”. So here we go!
During this Holiday Season, till December 31st, you can get any chess course with a


<< Get Your Course on a Special Price NOW! >>
Just indicate your discount coupon code HOLIDAY while placing the order and it will cut 20% off the price.
Note: you may see the instructions on a proper usage of a discount coupon here:LINK
These courses are really powerful and that’s why I rarely give discounts. If you miss this special offer, you might have to wait for one more year…
Some of those students who purchased the courses earlier might feel disappointment for missing out on this special offer. However, let me present an extremely wise quote:
“Life is like a chess game, where you play against time. If you hesitate and refrain from making a move – time will remove your pieces from the board. You are playing against an opponent that does not tolerate indecision”.
Those who act NOW always win, both in chess and in life. Although you paid a bit more, you have speed-ed up your progress and you’ll be the winner in the end.
I’m happy that modern technologies help us unite great people all around the globe. It’s always a pleasure to communicate with you and to see your successes.
Some time ago I stopped publishing info. about students’ successes because it became pretty routine :)
Nevertheless, today I’ll provide a few such messages to support our positive mood :)
Dear Mr. Smirnov,
I hope you are well.
Your courses have provided me with pretty good results, boosting my rating by 500 points to almost 2000 in just a few tournaments in a bit more than one year (when I had played chess for only a short while).
Sincerely and thanks, Alex
Dear Igor,
Just after studying your new opening course, I am able to play Internet games VERY FAST coz I know now I am doing the right opening moves! Gone is the everpresent doubt! I also scored some quick wins even with Black pieces.
Further, I now understand the Grandmasters’ games without any commentary and even find fault with some of their moves!! The game is more enjoyable for me now!
Dear GM Smirnov,
I am Claudio Oliveri and a few months ago I purchased your course “The Secrets of GM” and the Opening Course.
First of all, my rating on rose from an average of 1450 to an average of 1550 stable with a peak of 1620, and will not be much but the important thing being that I’m improving.
Then I won a tournament – under 145 Rapid ECF in London – with a performance of1900 ELO.
I hope to receive the next “success story” from you!
Let me send you my best greetings once again and to wish you joy and success in everything that you do!

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