Friday, 4 July 2014

Take Part in GM Smirnov’s Webinar

Today I’ll talk about a very important event you have to note in your calendar: I’ll be organising my first Webinar on Sunday 6 July, at 4pm BST ( it’s London time, and you can see it HERE ).Webinar
But do you know what a Webinar is? This is like a conference but on the Internet, and you will have the opportunity to chat with me during it and ask me whatever you want – live! This is important for you, because you can clarify all your questions, and get my personal help.
In this webinar The Art of Defense in Chess you will learn:
  • Practical tips for finding proper defensive moves (even in blitz games).
  • How to play against attackers.
  • How to avoid blunders and annoying losses in superior position.
  • And much more…
This event is special since it is my first Webinar; and for this special occasion, the Webinar will be completely FREE. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!
You don’t need any special equipment to attend. Just register for the webinar below, and come online on Sunday at 4pm (London time).
NOTE: the quantity of sits is limited to 100 attendees. Therefore only the first 100 registrants will be able to attend. Sign up NOW, until your sit is taken away by another student :)

I hope to see you in my Webinar, and I look forward to talk to you soon!
green-fancy-line-hiTo end up this post, try out your skills in an exciting position from the recent game
Here it may seem like Grischuk blundered: that nothing can go wrong with 12…e4. In fact, Aronian thought this way and played 12…e4. Your task is to calculate the consequences and determine who is winning here.
After you have come up with your solution, you may see the commented game here: LINK

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