Thursday, 10 July 2014

GM Igor Smirnov's Webinar - The Art Of Defense In Chess

On Sunday 6th July, I made a live WEBINAR, and I would like to thank all students who were present. But it was not easy for everyone to be present, or maybe you want to see it again to understand it better. That’s why I have recorded a video of this event on the theme « The Art of Defense in Chess » and you’ll have the opportunity to review it again and again without limitation.
In chess, it’s important to know how to defend against any attack; that’s why I’ll show you many examples and teach you how to react in those types of situations. You can start the lesson by clicking on the video below, and you will learn many great techniques from top players’ games with my complete analysis.

I have created a pgn file of webinar games for you: Link
This formula seems to be working very well and gives you the opportunity to interact with me live, and it provides a better quality to the lessons. That’s why, in future, I’ll make MORE WEBINARS for you. So don’t forget to check the website, our social networks or the newsletter if you want to stay informed of those events.

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