Wednesday, 23 July 2014

2nd Webinar : The Art of the Endgame

Golden opportunity to end your endgame troubles

I am happy to announce that I will be conducting the second webinar on Sunday 27th July at 5 p.m. (17:00) BST – London time (you can check it on this LINK).
The topic of the webinar, “The Art of the Endgamewill be confined to “ENDGAMES ONLY”.
Since places are limited, please hurry up and register!
Participants may send me one or two games in .pgn format, with their comments and questions or troubles related to the endgame onlyI will explain and clear your doubts.
During the webinar each position will be analysed on a first come, first servedbasisHence, you should sign up for the webinar as early as possible!
NOTE: This is optional to send your games or questions. If you have no specific questions, you are still welcome to join the webinar!
The first webinar was conducted on 6th July 2014 on the topic “The Art of Defence in Chess”. The response and interest shown by the students were overwhelming and fascinating.
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The entry fee for this webinar, “The Art of the Endgame”, is $20 USD. After you have registered for the webinar, you’ll be given the chance to submit your games and questions. Since places are limited, please hurry up and register!
NOTE: The registration for the webinar will be closed 2 hours before the start of the webinar.

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