Saturday, 19 July 2014

How to finish a game - Part 1 Queen vs Rook

As you know, I held a WEBINAR on Sunday 6 July, and it was a great success! After that, many students asked me to do another one. That’s why I’m glad to announce to you that I will hold a NEW webinar soon, probably at the end of July (between 25th and 30th). In the next few days, I’ll give you the final date. This date will be the result of the SURVEY below, so you must complete it.
Here you’ll find the Survey:Participate Now!
Today I’ll show you a new video made by Manikandaswamy, entitled « How to finish a game? » where you’ll learn how to play an endgame queen v rook encounter. This video is the first one of the series and we will put up the other videos soon.

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