Saturday, 2 August 2014

Chess Strategy: Exploiting Weaknesses

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Petrosian and karpov
The easiest way to win a game is to attack opponent’s WEAKNESSES. In general, this is pretty obvious. Karpov, Petrosian and other great players won countless games by using this concept.
However, when it comes to YOUR OWN GAMES, the situation turns out to be trickier; for instance:
  • Your opponent is not going to weaken his/her position.
  • An opponent will strive for a counter-attack.
So, how can YOU exploit opponent’s weaknesses, and bring home a well-deserved win? Today, we’ll go through a game of a student who did it just right! Remember these ideas, and use them in your games!
It’s noticeable that this student is only an amateur player rated 1700!Nevertheless, she played a high-level game and demonstrated deep strategic understanding. I just want to highlight that you do NOT have to have “Carlsen’s talent” to play chess well :) Here’s what the student wrote to me.
BhuvanaHi Igor,
Greetings! I am R Bhuvaneshwari hailing from Trichy, India. All along Chess is considered to be played by people who are very good at creativity… but when I started going through your material “Calculate till mate” I understood the art of being creative and how to implement those creative ideas in my game.
I use to think very hard to find a right continuation in some positions and I wouldn’t find one. But now, I’m able to draw the conclusion of how i am supposed to proceed with the plan. I won over opponents who are 300 points higher than my rating elo in the recent tournament even without completing the course fully. I can’t even imagine how better I would play when I complete it.
Well! I’m not a very serious chess player and I only play selected tournaments, but from now on I have decided that I would start playing tournaments continuously and I want to achieve something big in chess.
After all of this, I’ve started loving Chess and I feel some sort of happiness which I have never ever sensed in any part of my life. I am very much grateful to Mr Manikandaswamy your accredited Indian Representative and Mr Hariiharan S Pillai of Vellore without whom this wouldn’t have been possible.
 Bhuvaneshwari-BrownBhuvaneshwari-BrownWhite’s turn
It’s a very typical middlegame position. White has placed his pieces on optimum positions already. How to proceed further? How should White develop his initiative? Please, write YOUR move in comments below.
After you came up with your solution, please, observe the whole commented game here: LINK

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