Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Webinar : “The Minority Attack” - IM Attila Turzo

Today I have some good news for you. International Master Attila Turzo will conduct a live Webinar “The Minority Attack” on Sunday, 31 August 2014. at 4PM BST London Time.
You can register by clicking on the link below:

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Attila Turzo made an Intro video, then you have the opportunity to discover his work before registering.

International Master Attila Turzo the very first ever to start giving online chess lessons in the history of online chess lessons, he has over 13 years of experience and counting in online chess coaching.

About the next WEBINAR :

Attila Turzo will explain the deep strategic plan involved in approaching the Minority Attack, from the very basic level to advanced techniques and ideas.Moreover, not only ideas – he will also introduce some of his novelties. Furthermore, he will discuss many transformations to these positions, like from the Queen’s Gambit Declined.
     Students can send their games regarding the Minority Attack on a first come, first served basis for analysis.
 Instead of lasting 1 hr,the duration of the lesson has been increased to 1.5 hrs. Based on the attendee’s feedback, we have made this huge change in the duration.
        Webinar will have three phases:
1. Lecture
2. Analysing students’ games
3. Live discussion with International Master Attila Turzo

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