Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Webinar : Minority Attack Intro - 2

As you’ve seen in our previous article (you can read it HERE), IM Attila Turzo will conduct a live webinar on Sunday 31 August at 4p.m BST (London Time).
If you’re register yet you can join his webinar by clicking on the button below :

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IM Attila Turzo’s Profile :

He was one of the first coaches to start to teach online 13 years ago, he was Hungarian Junior champion and became International Master at age 18 and also 6 times Hungarian team champion.
For the occasion he prepared a new FREE video for you :

If you have enjoyed it, you’ll probably enjoy his live webinar :  
 Key Highlights:
  • Students can send their games regarding the Minority Attack on a first come, first served basis for analysis.
  • Instead of lasting 1 hr,the duration of the lesson has been increased to 1.5 hrs. Based on the attendee’s feedback, we have made this huge change in the duration.
  • Webinar will have three phases: Attila Turzo’s Lecture, Analysing students’ games and Live discussion with International Master Attila Turzo

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