Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Webinar: “Typical Mistakes in Practical Middlegame and Endings.”

Today I have some good news for you. IM ValeriLilov will conduct a live webinar“ Typical mistakes in practical middle game and endings” on Sunday, 17 August.
1.      What “a webinar” is?
It’s a live TRAINING session with a coach. During this event you can communicate with a teacher via chat, perform the tasks, and ultimately, develop necessary SKILLS. Thus it’s a really effective way of training that brings you immediate results.
You may read more about our webinars in this article: LINK
2.     “Typical Mistakes in Practical Middlegame and Endings”
If your chess progress is not as fast as you want (or if you stuck on some level) – this is caused by some errors in your games.
It’s hard to get rid of our weaknesses. Moreover, sometimes we can’t even realize exactly what’s wrong. You just keep learning chess, but don’t get the desired results…
In Remote Chess Academy we interact with thousands of students. Hence we know the most common weaknesses of chess players. We’ll be glad to help you eliminate the weak sides of your play, and to unleash your movement forward.
3.     Should I attend the webinar of IM ValeriLilov?
Certainly I will conduct some webinars myself in the future. At the same time, I will also invite my friends – experienced coaches and strong players – to make such training sessions for you.
Every chess coach has his area of specialization, where he is the most knowledgeable and experienced. If you accumulate the best techniques from different teachers, that will form your comprehensive and powerful chess understanding.
Even when I ask another coach to make a webinar/lesson for you, I supervise his work closely. I will always make sure that you get only high-quality and EFFECTIVE training.
By the way, if you haven’t seen Lilov’s lesson about prophylaxis – please, do so here: LINK
4.     Why is this webinar paid?
You can check it here: LINK
While I’m engaging the best coaches to make highly effective training sessions for you, I’ll try to keep the price really small. For instance, the fee for the webinar “Typical mistakes in practical middle game and endings” is only 5 usd.
  • Event: IM Lilov’s webinar “Typical Mistakes in Practical Middlegame and Endings
  • DateSunday, 17 August at 5pm(17:00) BST (London time, you can check it here: LINK)
  • Price5usd.
  • Seats: seats are limited to 100.
 The registration for the webinar will be closed 2 hours before the start of the webinar.
After the registration, you will be able to send 1 or 2 of your games in .pgn format, with your comments and questions or troubles related to the topic of the webinar. IM Lilov will explain and clear your doubts.
This is optional to send your games or questions. If you have no specific questions, you are still welcome to join the webinar!
During the webinar each position will be analysed on first come, first served basis. Hence, you should sign up for the webinar as early as possible!

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