Thursday, 4 September 2014

Webinar: The Art of Exchange Sacrifice

Your Unique Opportunity
To take a lesson from
GM Milov (#22 in the World!)

Today I have really GREAT news for you! GM Vadim Milov will be conducting an online webinar for you on Sunday, September 7th.
Milov (rated 2705 at peak) is the TOP-level player, who defeated V. Anand, J. Polgar, V. Korchnoi – just to name a few :)
There are some things in chess that are very hard to learn on your own, for example positional understanding and an endgame play. It’s a lot easier to develop such skills while communicating with an expert player (who mastered those skills already).
Vadim Milov is exactly this type of a chess expert. In my teens I’ve been replaying his games to understand how he outplays strong GMs. Despite of my very busy schedule, this Sunday I’ll definitely attend Milov’s webinar myself. This is a too tempting opportunity to miss it!
You can get all the details about this event, and then sign yourself into the webinar via the link below.

Live Webinar
“The Art of Exchange Sacrifice”
by GM Vadim Milov


Live webinar “The Art of Exchange Sacrifice”


GM Vadim Milov

DateSunday, 7th September at 4p.m. (16:00)BST(LINK)

90 minutes.


limited to 100.


Standard ticket = $10, Premium ticket = $20.

*The registration will be closed 2 hours before the webinar.

 The Art of Exchange Sacrifice

Nowadays it’s NOT enough to follow the basic chess rules like “fight for the centre”, “occupy weak squares” etc… Your opponent is well-aware of these fundamentals just as well as you.
So, how can you overcome your opponents? You must have some EXTRA skillsthat most of the other players do NOT possess.
One of such “secret weapons” is an exchange sacrifice (sacrifice of a rook for an opponent’s bishop or knight).
Most of the players are aware about this technique, BUT can never use it in their own games. On the contrary, some great players like Aronian, Topalov, Kramnikand others have been using “an exchange sacrifice” REPEATEDLY to defeat the strongest rivals!
GM Vadim Milov will show you how YOU can implement this powerful technique into your games.
Apart from that, you’ll improve your overall positional understanding, evaluation and planning skills. Check out Milov’s introductory lesson “The Art of Exchange Sacrifice”:

Host: GM Vadim Milov
  • Grandmaster, won a couple of international tournaments
  • Top rating 2705, # 22 in the world!
  • #1 player in Switzerland
Vadim Milov was born in Ufa (Soviet Union) 1972 and in 1992 moved to Israel, where he scored his first great successes. He later settled in Switzerland. The strong grandmaster, who crossed the 2700 Elo barrier in 2008, has played very little chess since then.
Now you have a unique opportunity to learn the secrets of the former USSR “chess school”, which produced a few generations of top chess players!
 Your Games And Questions
Students with a premium ticket may submit their own games and questions to GM Milov.
You may send 1-3 of your games related to the webinar’s topic. We guarantee that at least 1 your game will be analysed:
  • During the webinar;
  • Or you will receive a pgn file with comments for your game after the webinar.
Please, note that your games UNRELATED to the webinar’s topic, may be ignored.
You are welcome to submit your ANY questions to GM Milov. You may send your questions related to the webinar’s topic, or any other questions you have.
Please, note that the time of the webinar is limited. We can’t answer all students’ questions. Hence, we will select the questions based on:
  • First come, first served basis
  • Additionally, we’ll pick the most popular questions amongst the students.
After you have registered for the webinar, you’ll be given the chance to submit your games and questions.


Standard ticket

Premium ticket

  • Attend the webinar



  • Submit your games


  • Submit your questions




$10 USD

Buy Now

$20 USD

Buy Now

P.S. Please, note that the seats are limited to 100 students. The questions will be answered on “first come, first served” basis. If you wish to participate – please, register NOW.

Other NEWS for you.

I always think about new lessons and useful training tools for our students. With that said, I have a few upcoming cool things for you :)
 1) During the past months we’ve been working on the new online training platform. I will not share all the details now, but it’s going to be really cool :)
It will help you get much more effective training than the other players do, and therefore to beat them later on!
We were hoping to finalize the online platform soon, but it takes little more time than expected. I want to make the highest quality tool, and therefore it takes time. Anyway, we’ll try to release it asap.
2) Recently we have started to make WEBINARS weekly (every Sunday), and we’ll keep doing it.
This is a great interactive form of training. You can follow the thinking process of top GMs and coaches in a live mode. You can submit your games and questions – and get them answered. Thus you not just “watch a lesson”, but develop your practical skills- on the fly!
Based on your feedback, we’ve made two improvements in the format of our webinars:
  • We’ve prolonged webinar duration to 90 minutes, so that a coach has enough time to present the topic, and to answer all your questions.
  • We’ve made 2 types of tickets: standard and premium. With standard ticket everyone can attend the webinar for a very little fee. Thus even students from developing countries will be able to learn from our webinars. If your budget is not that tight, premium ticket will let you submit your games and questions, getting the most out of the webinar FOR YOU.
If you have any other suggestions for future webinars – just write them in comments below.
3) Finally, we have a new open vacancy: Community Manager. This is a pretty unique opportunity to join our RCA team. You can get all the details and apply via LINK
P.S. If you wish to attend Vadim Milov’s webinar on Sunday, I would recommend that you sign up NOW. The student’s questions will be answered on “first come, first served” basis. You can sign up here: Standard Ticket = $10   Premium Ticket = $20

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