Saturday, 27 September 2014

Advantage Conversion and Quick Winning

I have received a couple of interesting games and questions from the STUDENTSduring the last several days. We’ll be analyzing your questions tomorrow, on my webinar “How to Win a Won Game?”
In addition to that, of course I’ll share with you some practical recommendations from my coaching & playing experience. All in all, I’m sure on Saturday webinar you’ll learn a lot of useful ideas, and we’ll certainly have fun as well :)
For those who have not registered for the webinar yet, you still can do so NOW.
This time you have a unique opportunity to join the webinar for FREE. All the other webinars was and will be paid. Hence, this is a 1-time opportunity, don’t miss it out!

  • The registration for the webinar is now working flawlessly.
After I’ve published info about this webinar a few days ago – we got thousands of people trying to register. Frankly, we did not expect such a massive audience. The web-page went down due to high traffic, and some of the students were unable to sign up. I’m really sorry about that.
I’m glad to let you know that all the technical troubles are resolved, and now you can register for the webinar flawlessly.
  • The webinar’s recording will NOT be published afterwards.
The only way to get it is to register for the webinar now. Then – no matter if you attend the live webinar or not – you will get the webinar’s recording.
While observing the games you’ve sent me, I’ve noticed that pretty often students made mistakes in time trouble. Indeed, it’s easy to spoil even a very advantageous position when you have to play every move within a few seconds.
This brings us to 2 main questions:
1.     How to find proper moves QUICKLY (preventing time troubles)?
2.     What should you do if you got into time trouble already (or if you play a blitz game)?
Let me remind you that I’ve developed a special mini-course dedicated to this topic – “Quick Success in Chess”.

<< Learn “Quick Success in Chess” (it’s FREE) >>

P.S. I look forward to talk to you tomorrow (Saturday, 27 September) at my webinar “How to Win a Won Game” ! We still have a few seats available – hurry up! Details and registration: LINK

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