Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Chess Opening Disasters and Traps

Our guest coach IM Alex Kundin has prepared a new lesson for you: “Disaster in the Opening”. You’ll learn useful opening concepts while enjoying a really nice attacking game!

Watch the video here

Have you enjoyed the final position of the game from the video? It’s really cool, doesn’t it? :)
Have YOU ever experienced huge troubles right in an opening? That’s quite normal actually, even strong players fall into opening traps from time to time. Club players fall apart in an opening on a regular basis :)
In this lesson you’ve observed 1 interesting example of an opening catastrophe. If you wish to train and improve your practical skills in this area, you are welcome to join Alex Kundin’s webinar “Chess Opening Disasters and Traps”on Sunday, 21 September at 4pm BST.
In this training session you will improve your opening skills, preventing opening disasters in your games. In addition to that, Alex will reveal the most effectiveopening traps beginners always fall for!

Live Webinar

“Chess Opening Disasters and Traps”

by IM Alex Kundin


Live webinar “Chess Opening Disasters and Traps”


IM Alex Kundin

Date:Sunday, 21st  September at 4p.m. (16:00) BST – London time.

90 minutes.


limited to 100.


Premium ticket = $10. (note: only premium tickets are available for this event)

*The registration will be closed 2 hours before the webinar.


What is “a webinar”?

During a webinar, you have communication with a coach in live mode. A coach tells you the tasks, while you can ask your questions. This is real TRAINING, which develops your SKILLS. Hence, you’ll be able to improve your chess strength properly during the webinar.
A video lesson or a text article provides some information to you. Any chess player can find tons of information about a chess game on the Internet. So what? Has this overabundance of content made you a strong player? Probably not.
 Information does not affect your play. Only a new SKILL can do so.

“Chess Opening Disasters and Traps”

In this webinar you’ll train the following skills:
  • Exactly how to eliminate mistakes in an early stage of a game.
  • How to handle opening complications?
  • How to eliminate unnecessary risk from your play?
  • Chess opening traps beginners always fall for.
Host: IM Alex KundinKundin
  • International Master.
  • Former Europe youth champion.
  • An experienced chess coach who has prepared a lot of strong players all around the world.
  • Alex specializes in chess openings where he has extensive knowledge.
You can learn free Kundin’s lesson about “Disasters in the Opening” here: LINK 
You may send 1-3 of your games related to the webinar’s topic. We guarantee that at least 1 your game will be analysed:
During the webinar;
You will receive a pgn file with comments for your game after the webinar.
Please, note that your games Unrelated to the webinar’s topic, may be ignored.
You are welcome to submit your ANY questions. You may send your questions related to the webinar’s topic, or any other questions you have.
Please, note that the time of the webinar is limited. We can’t answer all students’ questions. Hence, we will select the questions based on:
  • First come, first served basis
  • Additionally, we’ll pick the most popular questions amongst the students.
After you have registered for the webinar, you’ll be given the chance to submit your games and questions.


Standard ticket

Premium ticket

  • Attend the webinar



  • Submit your games


  • Submit your questions



Not available

$10 USD

Buy Now

*Only premium tickets are available for this event
P.S.Please, note that the seats are limited to 100 students. The questions will be answered on “first come, first served” basis. If you wish to participate – please,register NOW.

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