Saturday, 27 September 2014

How to convert “a better position” into a WIN?

While playing a chess game, quite often you can obtain a SUPERIOR position.
  • It could happen thanks to your good opening preparation.
  • Sometimes your opponent plays badly.
After that you face the famous question in chess: “How to win a won game?”question-mark-300x300
This is not as simple as it seems. An opponent gets tricky and tries to mix the things up. Often you have to play precise moves under time pressure. Then you can spoil a good game, not getting a well-deserved win.
Of course you can blame “that lucky guy” (your opponent) for that, or grieve for“an oversight in time trouble”. That’s what most players do in such cases :)
However, obviously there’s a better option. You can learn appropriate techniques and always finish your opponents off! Look at “chess killers” like Topalov, Carlsen, Adams etc. In a worse position, nobody can escape from them.
If your wish to acquire those skills of “a chess killer” – you are welcome to join my webinar on Saturday 27 September (4p.m., BST). You can get all the details and sign up for the webinar here:


Live Webinar

How to Win a Won Game?

by IGM Igor Smirnov


Live webinar “How to Win a Won Game?”


GM Igor Smirnov

Date:Saturday, 27th  September at 4p.m. (16:00) BST – London time.

90 minutes.


limited to 100.


Premium ticket = $20. Special offer = FREE (spread the word about RCA and get your ticket for free)

*The registration will be closed 2 hours before the webinar.

Webinar’s host and content

The webinar will be conducted personally by me – GM Igor Smirnov. Most likely you know me pretty well, but if not – check this LINK
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During the webinar;
You will receive a pgn file with comments for your game after the webinar.
Please, note that your games Unrelated to the webinar’s topic, may be ignored.
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Please, note that the time of the webinar is limited. We can’t answer all students’ questions. Hence, we will select the questions based on:
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Now let’s check how you should NOT play in won positions :)

Caruana – NakamuraCaruana-NakamuraWhite’s turn
White is a pawn up and is pressuring Black’s position hardly. It’s almost winning.How to turn that “almost winning” into a real full score? What would you play as White?
Actually there are even a few ways for a quick win. You might be surprised to know that Caruana (rated 2801!) – managed to drew it!
After you came up with your own solution, please, check the actual game here:LINK
P.S. This time I allow FREE entry for my webinar, while there are only 100 seats available. It’s not that much compared to around 25,000 of my subscribers :) Hurry up!

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