Tuesday, 7 October 2014

How to beat Kasparov & GM Smirnov’s DVDs!

NOW, it’s the final REMINDER for you to join our upcoming webinar “Playing for a win” by GM Maxim Dlugy (Sunday, October 5)!
In this webinar you will learn:
  •     How to play for a WIN
  •     How to PLAN both psychologically and strategically
  •     Learn ATTACKING methods
  •     And much more…
  • You can read all the details, and SIGN UP for the webinar HERE
In the previous article “How to beat Garry Kasparov” I’ve shared with you an instructive game Dlugy – Kasparov (if you missed that game, check it out here). It’s a really cool game, isn’t it? :) There is no doubt that GM Dlugy has played for a WIN in that game and has beaten legendary Gary Kasparov.
Now let’s test YOUR skills in another game between the same opponents.
Garry Kasparov – Maxim DlugyKasparov-DlugyBlack’s turn
The task is still the same: you need to beat Garry Kasparov! Don’t forget that Kasparov is a dangerous opponent; right now he’s going to mate you by Rh1 move. Can you stop it somehow?
After you’ve came up with your solution, please, check the actual game here: LINK
If you want to know how GM Dlugy could beat Garry Kasparov repeatedly, you can ask him directly on Sunday webinar “Playing for a win”
 GM Smirnov’s courses are now available in DVDs!
For a couple of years my complete courses were available in downloadable format solely. However, I’ve been asked repeatedly by different students to provide DVDs.
It took some organizational efforts, but I’ve arranged this for you. Hence, now you can get any of my complete courses on a DVD!
  • DVDs contain high-quality video lessons (HD format). In a downloadable format I had to reduce the video quality to minimize the file size. Now we don’t have this limitation anymore.
  • It’s really easy. You don’t need to download some files, unzip them etc. Now you get a DVD and insert it into your computer – that’s it!
  • It’s safe and convenient. Now you may not worry about a loss of a course (due to your computer crash, virus, accidental file deletion etc). Your course is on a DVD and will always be there.
  • If you have slow or paid internet connection, it’s not a problem anymore (you will NOT need to download a course from the Internet).

  • If you own a certain course already, you can get its DVD version now. You will only pay for a DVD delivery to you (of course you will NOT need to pay for the course again).
If you wish to use this option – please, contact our support team: LINK. You may send us an e-mail to support@chessteacher.zendesk.com as well
  • The price of delivery starts from only $5. The exact price and terms depend on your location. DVD shipment takes from 2 days till a few weeks. Once you select the course, you’ll need to indicate your location, and the system will show you the price of delivery.
From my side, I do NOT charge you anything for a DVD. You only pay to the post (or alternative delivery company) for a DVD creation and shipping to you.
  • You can sign up for Sunday webinar “Playing for a WIN” of GM Dlugy here: LINK
  • You can get my any course on a DVD here: LINK
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