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GM Igor Smirnov's NEW COURSE - GrandMasters Opening Lab - 2


GM Igor has revealed the date of release of his new courses. It is releasing on 28th Oct 2013. Read what GM Igor said now....

Today I’ll provide more details about the new opening course (which will be released on October 28th). Also we’ll discuss opening preparation in general.
The opening stage is quite important, because if you don’t play it well, you will lose sooner than you can demonstrate your middlegame/endgame skills. :)
There are a lot of opening tutorials that show what moves you should play. However, that’s only a part of opening preparation.
The opening stage lasts for 15-20 moves and on every move both opponents can play around 10 different logical moves. Ultimately this generates many thousands (perhaps millions) of variations. Of course there’s no way for us to analyze and remember them all.
1)    If your opening preparation is excellent, it may work for you maybe in 50% of your opening moves.
2)    However, very often you’ll face unknown positions, where you need to find correct moves by yourself. That’s another 50% of opening moves you’ll need to play.
That’s why I developed the new opening course that will help you master BOTH of these components.
In comments for the previous lesson (LINK) 1 person described the difference between the new opening course and my previous course “The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory”. He did it excellently, so let me just re-publish that comment.
Since I’m an owner of The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory, let me see if I can answer this for you.
The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory is designed to provide you with a complete opening repertoire on the Grandmaster’s level and make your pre-game preparation extremely effective.
This new companion course, The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory 2 (which complements the first course), addresses the question, “How do Grandmaster’s detect the best opening moves and variations?”
As opposed to “openings knowledge,” which entails vast amounts of study and memorization of theory, this course is more about developing your “openings understanding.”
Thus instead of being a mere fleshy robot that plays its moves unthinkingly, this course gives us the opportunity to think more “independently,” or perhaps more precisely, to think more like a Grandmaster during the opening.
Take Kamsky for instance. USA Champion, a 2700+ player who almost completely ignores opening theory. Nevertheless, he plays very strongly because he knows how to find correct opening moves. I’d like to help you share the same level of chess understanding. That’s 1 HUGE thing that you will learn in the new opening course.
The 2nd thing is a powerful opening repertoire.
The new course complements the openings from “GM’s Openings Laboratory”; it contains:
1)    New openings which were not included in the previous course (for instance the English opening).
2)    Alternative openings/variations that will widen your opening repertoire. For example, in the previous course I provided the Ruy Lopez. It’s a very good opening indeed, but sometimes you may prefer to play in more aggressive style. That’s why in the new course I’ve provided a powerful alternative for the Ruy Lopez.
3)    For some of the openings from the previous opening course I’ve provided more analysis and explanations. Thus you’ll become a big expert in them.
Now we come to the sweetest part. When I release a new course, I’ll make “special offers” during the first few days. Thus my long-term students will be able to get the best conditions.
This time the “special offers” will last from 28 October till 2 November.
1)    There will be a special discounted price.
 2)   There’s a BONUS of my personal support during the course’s study for the first 50 buyers.
Normally when I make private lessons, it costs 100usd / per hour, and I do it very exceptionally (only for my friends and very long-term students). The quickest 50 guys will get it for free! I like fast and competitive people. :)
While studying the new course, they will send me their questions, and I’ll answer them (via e-mail or by recording a video – depending on the question).
The next 100 buyers will also get these materials, but will not be able to send me their questions.
Thus, in total, the first 150 buyers will get a BONUS. It’s not too much compared to 20,000+ of my subscribers, but “the winners take it all”, right? :)
Victory is mine!
Maybe there will be some other special bonuses as well, but I’m not sure about it yet.
New opening course will be released on 28 October (Monday) at 5pmUkrainian time.
Note: you can see Ukrainian time here: LINK
So, don't miss this great OFFERS, Checkout this blog to get the coures :)

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